What is API -Application programming interface

What is API ? Firstly we have to know about The word API refers to Application programming interface.

what is api in java and best of api example. However is is importannt of api for dummies.

what is api in android and what is meant by api with example? api wiki and types of api

What is api in web development.

The application requirements for an API involve querying a database, data transformation, handling file uploads and more, and the output is normally a format like JSON or raw binary data. Especially relating to database querying, it’s important we minimize the number of interfaces to our database (“one source of truth”), and that’s typically our API.

There’s another benefit to separating out your API as a single gateway to a source of truth: it provides a uniform interface to your database and application functionality for a variety of clients — third-party developers, IoT, mobile apps, you name it!

From the article I linked above [1], here’s a traditional Client / Server web architecture.

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